Posted by: Lauren | September 3, 2012

bath time and a giveaway

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on the birth story! (I know that was months ago!)

6 months ago, giving Cecelia a bath for the first time was definitely a memory we won’t forget.

At first she didn’t really seem to like it, but then warmed up to the experience. Check out her little fist—I think here she is thinking, “why I oughta.”


Freshly clean, I wrapped her up in the towel, and we gazed into each other’s eyes, so peaceful and content.


And then she pooped. All over the towel.

Joe captured it all. This is me cracking up and saying “no way!”

PLEASE, PLEASE don’t judge me for looking like an exhausted cleaning lady. And no I did not bathe my child wearing the dish gloves that are on the counter.


That towel is amazing by the way. It’s like a giant apron you wear so you just scoop baby up and she’s all wrapped up in it and you stay dry. I think you can find them at Buy Buy Baby (mine was a gift).

The next time I gave her a bath my mom was here when Joe was working. I was not about to do this by myself yet!

IMG_0607Ahh she was so tiny!!!!

Nowadays, Cecelia always LOVES baths. It is so fun to see her splashing, kicking her feet, and chewing on stuff. We all love the whale tub our friends Kody and Katie got for her-it’s still a great size and she is a big baby!


I really love holding her after her bath, all wrapped up, dewy and fresh.


(5 months)

And she hasn’t pooped in a towel since!





(6 months)

To get her clean, I wanted to use products that did not contain harmful chemicals. Several years ago I learned about beauty products and our skin–our skin is our biggest organ and can absorb what we put on it. So since then, I’ve made an effort to go more natural with body and household cleaning products.

For Cecelia we were sent Ava Anderson nontoxic baby products, which I was so excited about!

I absolutely love the baby wash/shampoo. Not only does it do a great job of getting Cece clean, but I know it has nothing harmful in it, it doesn’t irritate her skin, and it smells amazing-not from chemical fragrances—but from lavender and chamomile essential oils. I’ve even tried it on my loofah in the shower because it smells so good! It received the best score of ZERO on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website (the higher the number, the more harmful the product).


I was also sent the diaper cream which is amazing as well. Fortunately, Cecelia has never had bad diaper rash, but when her bum gets a little red I put a dab of this cream on there and it is good to go. I have to say, I have tried other natural diaper creams when taking care of other kiddos and they pale in comparison to Ava’s. One kind was really watery-the water was literally squirting out of the tube, and was not a good consistency. The Ava diaper cream is in a tub and has the perfect consistency-not sticky/oily, not watery, you can use a tiny amount and again, it smells amazing and is completely safe.

Lastly, we were able to try the Ava baby lotion. I have to say, I really wasn’t using it on Cecelia because she has crazy soft skin. Then one day it hit me when I ran out of my lotion…why don’t I just use it? No one says only babies can use these products! So, after shaving I applied the lotion to my legs and thus found my favorite lotion. Again, I am weird about consistencies in products-I can’t stand when lotion is greasy or on the opposite spectrum, a weird powdery feeling. This lotion feels perfect, I can use a small amount, smells so good, and once again, it’s all natural.

While these products may cost more than typical drugstore purchases, they last a long time as you can use just a small amount, plus, they are made with safe, organic ingredients.

So with all that to say, here is my first giveaway!

I will be sending one reader their choice of either a bottle of the Ava baby wash or the lotion. However, there are many different Ava products, not just their baby line! But since these are the kind we have tried and loved, that’s what I want to give! So even if you do not have a baby, enter, because you will love these products even for yourself.

Here’s how to enter:

1. REQUIRED: Leave a comment on this post telling me you would like to try the shampoo/body wash or lotion.

2. OPTIONAL: Leave an additional comment for an extra chance to win by visiting and share a product on their page that you would be interested in. You can also click here to find out all all the ingredients in their products or to place an order for yourself or family member.

I will pick a winner by Sunday, September 9th 12:00 CDT using

Also, if you are interested in trying free products you can host a catalog party. Please email me at lauren(dot)breeden(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested in that.

**The giveaway has ended. The winner is Ashley R.!**

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Note: While I was sent these products free of charge, these opinions are entirely my own. However, the purchase of the body wash or lotion will be from me, because I love ya!





  1. I would love to try the lotion. I am always on the lookout for a great lotion with natural, organic ingredients. 🙂

  2. Lovee the baby wash on may! Would love some!

  3. The products sound amazing and I would love to try the lotion! Thanks

  4. Definitely always looking for healthy stuff! Anything pit on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in less than a minute!

  5. Goodness! Cecelia is soo stinken cute! Thanks for sharing the photos and the product info. I have not heard of Ava before and am glad I have now. The body wash sounds like a treat!

  6. Oh, I just checked out their site. I think the body butter sounds nice. I like the heavy creams with shea and cocoa butters

  7. I love seening pictures of you guys!!! I miss you all so much!!! I dont think CeCe could be any sweeter!! and you know with all these babies in my house baby wash is a great thing!! I LOVE the towel…I am going to have to look into getting one cause even now its hard to get gunner out of the bath and not get soaked!!

  8. OMGOODNESS you didnt say that the wash was a 3/1 wash/shampoo/AND bubble bath!!! Bubble bath is just as much a staple in my house as bread and butter!!! Gretchen lives in the bath tub with bubble baths but we are having to cut back cause its causing a few porblems so a all natural one is awesome!!!

  9. My skin is so dry would love to try the lotion

  10. Just have to say that I also loooooove the Ava baby shampoo/body wash. Smells amazing and so gentle on my kids’ sensitive skin. Highly recommend. But don’t enter me into the give away because I want someone who’s never tried it before to get it. I just wanted to comment that it’s a great product!

  11. I love organic products and would love to try this one.

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