Posted by: Lauren | November 26, 2011

our little BB

I know, I know, it has been forever. But I’m back with the best yet. Most of the people who read this are family and friends, and have known our exciting news for quite some time now. However, there are some people who don’t know us personally and don’t know that we are expecting a little girl come February! Excited and grateful are understatements.

Breeden Side Profile edited

BB (Baby Breeden) is just over 27 weeks old now. I seriously cannot believe it. Where has the time gone?! Joe and I talk to her and about her all the time and can’t wait to meet our little bambina.


How we found out:

Back in June, I hadn’t had my period and so I did what I’ve done several times in the past when I was little late: took a pregnancy test. But this time I just did it when Joe wasn’t at home-and saw what I’ve seen before: negative. I don’t think I even remembered to tell Joe until a few days later, which he couldn’t believe I did that! Oops! I had started running again and just figured my body was a little thrown off.

Well, when about another week passed by I took another test, this time with Joe home. It was a Sunday morning, getting ready for church, when after two minutes I peeked over on the sink and saw what I had never seen before: two solid lines.

I burst into tears of joy and disbelief and said over and over, “I can’t believe I’m pregnant! I can’t believe I’m pregnant!” Joe and I hugged and hugged and I reassured my sweet husband that these were happy tears. He then asked, “Does this mean it’s my first Father’s day?” It was in fact Father’s Day, June 19th, 2011. How incredibly awesome.

These were taken that morning:

IMG_7653 Two things: 1. Sorry if a pee stick grosses you out. 2. The date is wrong on the bag, it was the 19th. 

IMG_7648I love Joe’s little smiley face he drew on there. 🙂

A little more background:

A couple years before we got married, I had amenorrhea for 18 months (I didn’t have a period). I went to see a couple different OB/GYNs to figure out what was up. I had blood tests, a CT scan of my brain to make sure there were no tumors messing with hormones, an ultrasound of my ovaries, but nothing came up. I left the first doctor when she told me I most likely had polycystic ovary syndrome and wrote me a prescription-despite the fact I had zero symptoms of PCOS and my ovaries looked healthy-I never got that prescription filled. I started seeing another doctor who I trusted, but there was still no diagnosis. I was completely healthy, had my usual hearty appetite that I filled, exercised moderately, and was not stressed out, just no period.

One Sunday morning in October of 2008, I heard an incredible message at church about going through tough situations, such as medical problems, and how God can use them in amazing ways, and sometimes He will even heal them. Our pastor encouraged those who were struggling to get prayed for, and with my mom’s encouragement and support, I tearfully headed to a family friend and pastor at our church to receive prayer. I remember he asked Jesus to heal me, and asked that one day I’d be able to have children.

One month later I got my period back, and had it every month regularly—until June of this year, when God answered that second part of that prayer and blessed us with this baby girl.

You guys, I’m not saying, and neither was my pastor, that God will in fact heal everything and fix every single one of our problems. But He is MORE than capable to heal anything and everything, sometimes there is just a bigger purpose to endure. He is a good and gracious God whether He healed me that day or not, but we do thank Him for showing us in a personal way just How incredibly powerful and amazing He is. There are things I struggle with and ask Him to take away to this day, sometimes He does, sometimes He doesn’t. God shows me how to trust in Him, to rely on Him, and to be amazed at His grace-how He forgives, restores, and blesses me even though I don’t deserve it. I am seriously in awe of His grace-the fact that not only does He not give me the punishment I deserve for all the times I don’t do what is right, but how He then blesses me with a relationship with His Son and washes me clean each day and pours out blessings on me.

And it is only by His grace that we are blessed with our BB.

My First and Second Trimesters:

13 weeks and 19 weeks:



Well, my first trimester was a bit rough like every other pregnant person, but I was really fortunate in that I was not constantly nauseous and throwing up. I actually felt the sickest at night, and only had one puking incident before bed. I kept my saltines on my nightstand and would even have to eat them in the middle of the night to ward off nausea, usually after I got up to go to the bathroom-which happened every night!

I went on a few road trips-two to Michigan and one to Atlanta.

Our first trip was to Holland, MI for a little second anniversary getaway. This was taken 6 days after we found out, so I was feeling fine here.

My second trip to MI wasn’t quite as pleasant-I would get pretty nauseous in the car, and was also at a point where I was SO TIRED! I felt like a big party pooper when I’d leave my cousin’s party to go to bed around 9ish? My sweet sister and I are pregnant at the same time, which has been amazing and so fun, so she understood how I was feeling. Our trip to Atlanta for my other cousin’s wedding was tons of fun, but similarly the car rides weren’t always enjoyable and I was so, so tired, especially at night.

Tips: pack plenty of snacks to prevent that belly from getting even close to empty, and if you’re like me, although fast food may sound delicious, the greasy food really doesn’t help. Stay hydrated!! Try to eat plenty of protein, although I know it is tough to do sometimes. Oh and if I felt sick after eating, a walk really helped so much.

Food Cravings/Aversions

I totally did not feel like myself in the first trimester. I was craving fast food, which I never usually do, and was missing my usual sweet tooth. I know fast food isn’t healthy, but I cut myself some slack. For breakfast I couldn’t possibly stomach eating my usual foods like oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, toast, etc. Instead, I’d eat leftover pizza, pasta, or Chipotle burrito bowls. Sick, right?! I’m telling you, you just don’t feel like yourself at all!

Joe has taken such amazing care of me, not surprisingly. When I was on the couch feeling like garbage, he was so quick to ask me what I needed or go out to the store and get me saltines and ginger ale. He’s the best. And there may have been a few runs to the store for ice cream in my second trimester, specifically, Breyer’s mint chocolate chip.


Around 18 weeks my sweet tooth reemerged and I’ve definitely felt like my old self for awhile now in my second trimester-hearty appetite, loving everything from fruit, veggies, and salads to cookies and ice cream. I’ve definitely craved oranges (big time for a few weeks early in my second trimester), and cannot wait for them to be perfectly in season this winter. Oh yeah, I also really loved salty food for awhile there-makes sense with the fast food. And I miss raw sushi!

One of my favorite breakfasts that I’ve been eating is a slice of whole grain sprouted toast, with a little reduced sugar strawberry jam, a slice of sharp cheddar or Colby pepper jack cheese , and a cooked egg. I know this picture looks nasty, but I promise, it’s so good! Joe loves this too.


In case anyone is interested, these are the prenatal vitamins that I take:

IMG_9163Rainbow Light Prenatal Multivitamins. I get them from Amazon using their subscribe and save feature to save even more money. They have never upset my stomach, are made from good ingredients, and have never caused that unpleasant side effect that some iron containing products can cause…it rhymes with schmonstipated. The only con is that the suggested dosage is 2-4 capsules per day. *Obviously, I’m not a health care professional, these are just my opinions.


When I first found out I was pregnant I remember googling and asking my nurse practitioner if it was safe to run. Then, when nausea and exhaustion set in, I had absolutely no desire to run! Since I’ve been feeling like my old self for awhile now, I definitely have wanted to run again. I hold back to prevent any problems since I haven’t been doing it for awhile now, unless it’s just a little bit of running chasing around the little guy I nanny for when playing! Long runs will have to wait until BB is with me in the jogger.


I enjoy walks, especially with Joe to our forest preserve just outside our neighborhood. I also do my pushups now on my knees, and have only picked up dumbbells a few times-only 5 lb ones at that. My back and body feel so much better when I am active though!

This was the morning of Thanksgiving-I was wearing a ton of layers and a puffy vest under that fleece-so it’s not all belly! But the belly is big!

This was the day before Thanksgiving at a shower for my sister-in-law Emily (Joe’s oldest sister). She is also expecting a girl a few weeks before me! Katie is due in two weeks-we’re SO excited! Our little girl is going to be so blessed to have so many cousins her age to play with! And I made my mom get in the pic too because I love her. 🙂


We are so thankful for this little girl who has already brought us so much joy. I’m so thankful for our families and good friends who already love her so much too-and have spoiled her like crazy! We’re ridiculously blessed.



BB, your Momma and Daddy can’t wait to meet you, but be sure to stay in there for awhile longer!

“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3





  1. Congrats (for the 80th time)!!!!! I hope I get to meet little BB someday. You and Joe are going to make the best parents in the whole world. It was fun to be able to read the story. More updates, Lauren!

    • Thanks Allie! I hope you can meet BB someday too! I’m definitely going to try and be better about updating. 🙂

  2. Such an uplifting testimonial! God has certaintly blessed your family. So excited to meet both girls!!! take care

  3. Lauren, Thanks for being vulnerable on this topic. So many women have a hard time getting pregnant and this will offer hope. And congratulations to you and Joe! And it’s a girl! Sweet, what a wonder it is…

  4. So Sweet! Thanks for sharing! Love you guys. Cant wait to see the little one.

  5. Lauren,

    I so enjoyed reading your November posts! I know I’m reallllly late! I loved reading all about the baby. Can’t wait to meet her. Post some more pics of you (recent ones), so we can see your little baby belly as it grows. How exciting.

    • Thanks Aunt Sharon! My goal is to do a new post REALLY soon! The belly is big that’s fo sho. Love you so much!

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