Posted by: Lauren | January 22, 2011

cinnamon apple pancakes

I know. 3 posts. 3 days. There should be some kind of party or something.

Yesterday, I bought two huge boxes of discounted produce for $1.49. Um, are you kidding me?! I basically did leaps of joy in Caputo’s and ran to put back my green bananas and huge bag of oranges.


I felt like people were looking in my cart at my boxes of cheap produce, and I just felt so cool thrifty.

Now, obviously, not everything is in great condition, but the bananas alone were worth $1.49, and when they start to turn brown, I’ll happily peel them and place them in a bag for frozen bananas, which we go through like crazy, what with green protein smoothies, peanut butter banana smoothies, and banana soft serve.

The rest of that box was filled with oranges, bell peppers, 2 butternut squash, a squished tomato, and other random broken produce items. So I washed and cut up the bell peppers and placed them in plastic bags for the freezer, which will be great to have on hand for chili, stir fries, etc.


So I have great plans for that box of mixed apples as well. Starting with this morning, when Joe and decided to make cinnamon apple pancakes.




Note: that mug contains hot syrup, that’s just how we roll.


So everything may seem all cute and picture perfect. Well, let’s just say that I started off in the kitchen rather hangry and nagging Joe to pull up the recipe on his phone again. I mean, how am I going to make these things if I can’t see the recipe?!

Then, I flipped the pancake off of the griddler and onto the stove.


Smooth. A bad word may have been said. I apologized. Joe took over.

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes recipe found here.



They look pretty good, huh? Well, some were. They were a little undercooked, and I think I’m having issues with my baking powder. Some bites tasted metallic and I noticed a few clumps of white (the baking powder). I guess I’m not mixing the dry enough? I don’t know. The recipe is great though, they just needed a bit more cooking and I need to resolve the baking powder issue.


We topped them with more apples (microwaved with cinnamon for 30 seconds), some pure maple syrup, and a drizzle of peanut butter. Some bites, yum. Other bites, not so much.

Just tryin’ to keep it real around here, folks.

Any other pancake flops? Literally or figuratively? Just me?

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8





  1. Good Morning!! Loved the back story! It is like that in everyone’s kitchen! I am not sure if you can still find a flour sifter but that is just what you need to sift the flour and all dry ingredients together. It breaks up the clumps and blends everything. If you have ever made a german chocolate cake, it calls for cake flour and that you sift all the dry ingedients together. Stay warm you two. I can just see you in front of the fire on this snowy day. Love you

    • Hi Mama G! Yes, I do have sifters-3 different sizes in fact! Hah! I will definitely use one next time! Thanks so much. I have made a German Choc Cake, but I don’t remember if I sifted or not. Love you so!

      • see you next week!! There will be joy in the house!!!

  2. Keep these posts comin’!!! I can totally imagine you blurting out a bad word after flipping that pancake 🙂

    Okay, what a DEAL you got with that produce! Man oh man, I would’ve been worried about people stealing it from my cart. My dad and I are such suckers for bargain produce. It literally makes my week!

    • hahah Allie so funny. I know, I had to call Joe right it away because I was so excited.

  3. […] going out to dinner with our friends (Hi Ashley!), we came back to have some apple crisp (from my box o’ cheap apples). I found the recipe for Maple-Walnut Apple Crisp, from Cooking Light. I made it before dinner, […]

  4. LOL………your story about the flapjacks, or shall I say “flipjacks” was funny! Everything looks so yummy! Unreal deal of the nanners and such! Holy cow, you scored!!! Love ya,

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