Posted by: Lauren | September 8, 2010

labor day weekend part 2

Continuing on with Labor Day weekend part 2: Sunday and Monday.

Sunday morning Joe and I headed to church to help with the 2 year olds and then service. I ate this on the way there:


That would be plain yogurt and plain kefir with organic raspberries, chocolate zucchini bread and organic peanut butter.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread recipe found here





After church we headed to his parents’ for an awesome feast that was thrown together, but sadly, no camera. Joe grilled chicken with Mexican spices and made homemade guac while Gwen made some homemade salsa and I supervised. 😉 We had big salads and I ate my weight in tortilla chips per usual.

Later that evening Amelia came over and we headed to Aquaviva, a winery literally 5 minutes from our house in wine farm country.

Beautiful mosaic floors right when you walk in.


Hand painted ceiling


The “bar” where there was wine sampling, which we hit up before sitting at a table to eat.



They were out of two of their wines so we sampled 4 for $4. First was a delicious white that was similar to a Riesling. Amelia and I were fans.


Good to know that it is ideal with wild fowl…


Then we tried another white that we loved even more called Brianna. I definitely tasted pineapple. It was light and fruity, without it being overly sweet. But what do I know? Seriously though, I don’t know anything about wine. I could just be making this all up.


But I’m not. See? Pineapple!


When we got our third pour of a red, we walked out to the patio to check out the views.


I didn’t care for the reds, but I never do. They burn!


Nothin’ like wine and grain silos.


We came back in and sat down to a nice, light dinner.

Complimentary grapes and bread and olive oil. The grapes were SO sweet and from right across the street!



Pizza made in their wood oven with eggplant, arugula, artichoke hearts and their homemade plum tomato sauce. It was awesome.


We came back to our house, walked to Alice’s and ate puppy chow flurries, sadly, no picture. Let me rephrase that, Joe and Amelia got puppy chow flurries but I did not because I was too full, but I managed to finish Joe’s off and take it from him intermittently. We share nicely.

Monday after sleeping in, I made this sample of Teeccino that I’ve had for awhile. We both really enjoyed it!




I went on a long walk with Mom, Katie and Sam on the path, while Joe took a four hour long nap (4!) and then we went to my parents’ house for dinner.

Poor guy’s stomach was bothering him all day. 😦 But he’s better now. 🙂


Local honey and delicious scents


My mom thought the piles of meat pictures weren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but I’m just capturing the extent of this feast.

Marinated chicken, garden ‘maters, cornbread, lemon parmesan green beans, garlic smashed potatoes (potatoes from U. Vito and A. Kathy from Wisconsin!), mashed butternut squash (from garden), and Italian sausage and ribs. Whoa baby.

IMG_4305 IMG_4297 IMG_4299 IMG_4301 IMG_4302 IMG_4303



I ate that butternut squash x2 probably. It was awesome. Oh, and the cornbread! Sweet, delicious corn bread! Ate it for dessert. Ok, and as an appetizer! Whenever you see my plate pictures, assume that I went back for seconds. Or thirds…

We ventured out to the garden and my parents sent us home with BAGS of tomatoes, 3 butternut squashes, and a zucchini. Wait until you see what I did with the tomatoes and zucchini—recipes coming soon.

I would’ve put up a pic of my mom and I but my hair looked approximately 4 times the size it does in this picture with a halo of frizz. So, that’s what you missed.

But, I mean, this is totally attractive…


“A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see, is from the hand of God, for without him, who can eat or find enjoyment?” Ecclesiastes 2:24-25





  1. I really wish you would have put up that picture of you, mainly because I have a feeling it woul dhave reminded me of that Friend’s episode when they are in Barbados and Monica’s hair is OUT OF CONTROL!!! 🙂

    • ahahah Chelsey, I love it!

  2. Lauren, I don’t think I can read your blog anymore. It makes me want to get on a plane and fly over there. Immediately. Ask your mom to adopt me. Wee!

    • Ok! Or we could! Couch is yours!

  3. Wow, Lauren! What a great weekend! That winery looks amazing…..didn’t know you could go grapes in your climate. Learned something new. Oh, puppy chow flurries? Is that like a blizzard with that chocolate/pnut butter chex mix stuff? Mmmmm…..oh, and that feast at your mom and dad’s is AWESOME!!! Send me that butternut squash through the computer. I’d eat it for breakfast this a.m. Had a great time at the beach! Perfect weather!

    • Sharon, yes the flurries are like DQ blizzards (but I kinda think they’re better and more unique flavors) I guess they just take rice chex and mix that into the ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate. I thought the first time that I saw actual made puppy chow, but I think I was just tasting it (my friend got it and I had a taste and thought they made the puppy chow and mixed it in) but now I know they just take the 3 ingredients and separately mix ’em. It works so well!!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I’m glad to know about the winery. And the squash sounds delish. I have a number of squash recipes I’ve been in the mood to try.

    • Allison, if you come out this way, let me know! It would be great to hang out again!

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