Posted by: Lauren | August 18, 2010

a tourist in my own town

If you’re new from sweet Allie’s blog, welcome! Her blog is pretty much the bomb diggity, so I’m flattered to have some of her readers stoppin’ by over here!


Monday was wonderful. I love playing tourist in the area I live in, especially with Allie as my company. I love that we met only hours before, yet we could chat it up about anything from food and faith, to our past stories, and all kinds of silly and humorous things in between. So happy that she is officially my “real life” friend. Joe loved hangin’ with her too! Win.

For awhile now, every time Joe and I would go and do something fun in the areas we live in, I would say “you know, we should really do this more often.” I find that I kept saying that, and realized we’ve been doing those things I said we should do more often! Ok, love that. Like when we would go to a cute coffee and tea house in Batavia and just sit and talk on a big couch facing the window, or dine at one of my favorite restaurants in Geneva, or stroll along the Fox river,  or walk the streets of Chicago on a gorgeous day (some of that to come tomorrow), I just feel grateful for where we live, and encourage you guys to explore your own cities. Like I did with Allie, see some of the cute stuff you always see through fresh eyes. Trust me, you’ll like it, so go have some fun.

Moving along to our Geneva adventures, or as Allie likes to call it, Genovia (like Princess Diaries…get it?). We went to Egg Harbor for lunch, which is another favorite for breakfast and lunch-just honest (whatever that means?), good food, you know?)

I ordered the Harvest Salad




And dominated it…


I guess my workout left me one hungry hungry hippo. I loved all the different tastes and textures in there, crunch from the almonds and apples, sweet chewiness from the craisins, creaminess from the avocado, with plenty of greens, cucs, chicken, and mmm Bleu cheese-which I hated as a child and now love. Didn’t even need the dressing so I therefore give this an A+.

Allie got a yummy looking frittata with veggies galore:


Allie was a sweetheart and treated me to such a yummy lunch. Thank you again!!!

After lunch we did some strolling and window shopping, where many pictures were taken, so get ready…

Samples? Yes please!


Above: cookie dipped in peanut butter. Below: Gran Marnier Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans (which I ended up buying!) and a pumpkin malt ball. Sweet and yum!




Deeelicious ginger snaps in a creamy key lime dip and an apple butter dip.

Allie saw this:


Here’s the giant scoop…

Allie pointed this out on the growth chart right below “read” in another shop:


And this one too!


More cute stuff for my man-he loves los elefantes. It’s a puzzle!











Mmmm roasted broccoli…


Onto Cocoon, a unique home shop in Geneva.



I love those vases-and they were really reasonable-I think the yellow one was $15? One of those vases filled with flowers would be a great gift for someone.


Love those too! Maybe $20 something for the smaller one.^


Apparently I love vases. That blue one was $5.95. Deals, my friends! Deals!




When we came back home after finding Heritage Prairie Farm closed, 😦 I made us some mocktails of seltzer water and Sobe Lifewater.


Then the three of us picked up some sushi and brought it back to our house where Katie (my sis) and eventually Amelia (BFF) joined us. Fun night!


IMG_3705 That calamari saute was delicious! Sweet and full of good sesame flavor. We all liked it a lot!

IMG_3711 Yaaauuum! Ate more than that—love me some sushi.


And some ensalada leftover from last night.


IMG_3712Hoey on a balance ball. Our dinners are super casual…

Then Amelia came over and we dared her to eat a tsp. of cinnamon. Why? I don’t know. It’s just what we do I guess. Katie and I could not take it all when our fireman uncle bribed us to do it…P.S. it burns the nostrils. Bad. So anyhoo, we make Meals do it and she took it like a champ! What?! Couldn’t believe it!


The night winded to an end with Allie’s amazing homemade tart frozen yogurt, a walk around the neighborhood and falling asleep full and happy.



Read this today…

“Don’t worry about everyday life-whether you have enough food to eat or clothes to wear. For life consists of far more than food and clothing. Look at the ravens. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds. Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Of course not! And if worry can’t do little things like that, what’s the use of worrying over bigger things?” Luke 12:22-26

Thank you, Jesus.





  1. I can’t wait to go back to GenovIA (I am a princess after all!!) and eat at Egg Harbor Cafe with you again. Maybe my adventures will bring me back to Chicago some day. Love the balance ball comment 🙂 Oh and I’m pretty sure IIII look more like Katie than YOU!

    • Allie, I definitely have some ideas in store for you in the Chicagoland area…emailing you soon. hahaha you do look more like her than me!

  2. Genovia – haha Allie is funny! I love how you were both in the same stores, but took different pictures of everything. All of the stuff is super cute though – I might have to make it out to Geneva soon!

    I live in Lockport, so not too terribly far from you. Thanks for the scripture – it’s always a good way to begin my day! 🙂

    • Chelsey, I’d love to meet someday! I need to look up Lockport-hah! I thought that was cool too when I saw Allie’s blog-different pics, different descriptions. Fun to see that! I’m so glad you could start your day with those verses too!

  3. Wow—what an awesome post! Great friends, great food, GREAT verse!! That really struck me. Glad you had a great time with Allie. You are so right about enjoying the things in our own cities. Great inspiration for all of us. Those Joe signs and the Scoop pad were too cute! You could open an ice cream shop called “Giant Scoops of Joy.” Just sayin’………
    Okay and that sushi absolutely made my mouth water. Love and miss you!

    • Sharona, did I EVEN tell you my frozen yogurt cafe idea when I was in Charlotte?! Ok, I’ll email you. Maybe I could do a mix: fro yo, gelato, and ice cream! Ahhh the perfect trifecta!!! I’ve been dreaming up this idea for awhile now, so now that you gave me an idea of what to call it, well shoot, that might be a sign! Wish you were there to eat sushi with us! Love you so much!

      • Lauren,
        This is too weird……I just got back on your blog to re-read what I wrote to you and was about to post a response saying “Of course, your ice cream would be homemade, healthy, w/ your own names and concoctions in them. Then, I read your response re:Gelato, yogurt……..I wish I had my real estate license and could help you find the perfect spot for your “Giant Scoops of Joy” shop! YOu may have mentioned a yogurt shop idea to me as I vaguely remember someone talking about these places popping up in towns. May have been someone else though or something I read.

  4. I love that verse, I need to apply that to my day.

    • Me too, Angela. 🙂

  5. SO glad I ran across your blog. beautiful pics and posts…can’t wait to continue reading 🙂 Have you ever done a post on hosting guests?…it would be a fabulous idea since you’re so great at it!

    • Thanks Jenna! I haven’t thought of that–thank you for the sweet compliment and the idea for the blog. 🙂

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