Posted by: Lauren | August 14, 2010

a visitor is a comin’

Tomorrow my friend, Allie, is coming to stay with us until Tuesday, and I’m so excited! We haven’t met before, so basically you can call us modern day pen pals as we “met” through our blogs. It’s like in Julie and Julia when Julia Child met her pen pal!

I have some fun eats that are straight up Live Laugh Eat inspired.


Allie always eats delicious fruit and yogurt combos. This bowl was strawberries and blueberries, topped with a mixture of plain yogurt and plain Greek (she always eats the plain kind, and a long time ago I never thought I would like just plain yogurt, but now that’s all I like-the regular sweetened yogurt is just too sweet for me now, even with my sweet tooth!) It’s topped with 1/2 of a carrot ginger muffin from Trader Joe’s (her favorite kind from there) and almond butter, in this case Barney Butter.

You must try Barney Butter if you never have. I found them on clearance at Jewel for a steal because they are usually pretty pricey.

Verdict on this bowl? So amazing! I’ve been eating variations of this stuff all week.

Earlier in the week I ate this:

IMG_3438 Simple, easy, delicious parfait of Greek yogurt, strawberries, and Barbara’s shredded oats-another clearance find and so good!


Joe’s hand made an appearance.


Ahh the Barney Butter! So creamy, and it practically glistens?!

Delicious pre-workout fuel: dates dipped in almond butter, which Allie enjoys! I used to occasionally dip dates in peanut butter, but I think I like them in almond butter more, even though peanut butter wins out in my life. It’s just that crazy Barney Butter, I suppose!


Another yummy breakfast: plain kefir (so good for your gut), and Greek yogurt mixed with raspberries and strawberries and topped with homemade zucchini bread and my apparent addiction.



Fun things to come!

“Let your lives overflow with thanksgiving for all he has done.” Colossians 2:7





  1. I’m coming I’m coming!!! Those eats look right up my ALLIE 🙂

    I’ve wanted to try Shredded Oats for awhile because I suspect they are the same as Quaker Oatmeal Squares!?

  2. Lauren
    Your presentations are beautiful!!Looks so good.

    • Thanks She She!

  3. Hi Allie!!!Lauren, I can’t wait to read of your adventures w/ Allie!!!1 How fun!!! Wish I could there. I look forward to your next post. Oh, Unce Ri-Ri and I absolutely LOVED Julie and Julia….we finally have Netflix…..we were both in tears at times. What a great movie. You could have been Julie……too cute!!! I miss you sooooo……

    • Wish you were here too! I gave her your hello! I know, isn’t it such a good one? Joe gave it to me in my stocking this past Christmas. So cute. You would have enjoyed the day with us…sushi later tonight, reminding me of you! Love you!

  4. P.S. Live, laugh eat… about Eat, Pray, Love……..ha!!! I am on a mission to see that movie….wish you could go with me. I think it’s going to have to be a girls’ night out…..

  5. […] she got here, I prepped some things for the evening to make it easier, like the berries for the pavlova, two salads, and lit some candles and put out fresh flowers to make it […]

  6. Missie, since you and Katie have left I have gained 10 pounds and not eating as healthy. You inspire me to get back on track. I don’t know how you manage to make everything look sooooo appealing, even kefir. Now that is a gift.

    • Mom, you are so cute. WHATEVER about the ten pounds! You lie like a rug 🙂 Love you. come over heeeere!

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