Posted by: Lauren | May 19, 2010

bien trucha

Last Friday, Joe and I headed out for date night. Since Joe was out of town for work that week, we were SO looking forward to it. For dinner, we went to Bien Trucha, a modern, Mexican tapas type place. Guys, this is the best Mexican food that I’ve had in the U.S. The place opens at 5, we got there at 5:10, (because I knew how busy it gets), and it was already packed! It is a small restaurant, but it has expanded since I went there last summer with two friends. It looks like a total hole-in-the-wall from the outside, but the inside is fresh and modern.

We both ordered some fun margaritas, which are made fresh, without any premade mixes or nasty stuff.

IMG_2630 Joe’s: Pulparindo: pineapple, tamarind candy, orange, lime, orange liquor, herradura blanco

Have you ever tried tamarind candy? It’s that little garnish on the side. It’s chewy like a fruit leather strip and starts off sweet and then gets spicy! That stuff is crazy!

IMG_2632Mine: Flor de Jamaica: hibiscus flower extract, orange, lime, sugar, orange liquor, sauza blanco

To start, we ordered the Cazuelitas de Camarones: sauteed shrimp, red onion, garlic, cilantro-chimichurri, chihuahua cheese.


Um. WOW. The shrimp were nestled in gooey melted cheese and covered with an incredibly flavorful cilantro sauce, which we placed in a warm, soft white corn tortilla (which are the best tortillas I’ve had).


Following those little bites of bliss, came these bad boys:


Pescado tacos: crispy beer battered tilapia, red cabbage, onion, tomato, lime, chipotle-morita aioli

I think it was at this point that Joe actually closed his eyes while chewing. Yeah, they were that good.

Moving along to…Pastor Tacos: chile ancho and guajillo marinated pork, cilantro, onion, grilled pineapple, chile morita salsa


Once again, so incredibly flavorful. It’s amazing how full and content you can get on food that is so tasty, you know?


After whipping out my camera so many times, this sweet woman next to me asked if I’d like to take a picture of the flan she ordered. So cute!


Pretty, huh?

After dinner we went to see Iron Man 2, then back home to eat ice cream and watch The Biggest Loser. We are cool like that. 😉

It was an amazing date night, and I’m so grateful to spend time with my sweet, sweet hubby, who by the way, has been taking care of me all week as I’m home sick. Oh mawwiage.

“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” Song of Solomon 8:7





  1. I drank soooo much flor de Jamaica when I studied abroad in Mexico!!! I swear my bodily fluids were died pink 🙂

    What beautifully plated food–what a classy looking restaurant! Ice cream and BL go hand in hand!!!

    • hahah Allie that’s hilarious.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lauren! That food looks and sounds fabulosa!!! We are so going next time I am in Chi-town. Mmmmmm……those margaritas looks so tasty too. We need more unique places to eat like that. So glad you and Joe had a fun date! Hope you’re feeling better. Love and miss you!

    • Speaking of…want to come visit us soon?! 🙂 I need a Sharon visit in my life. It’s right in Geneva, like 15 minutes from our house. We’re going fo sho. Love you!

  3. I get the fish tacos Every. Single. Time. A-ma-zing! Hope all is well with you, Lauren!

    • Elissa! Hey!!! It’s good to hear from you! Hope you’re doing great!

  4. Yum! All of that looks absolutely amazing! Have you ever tried making flan before? It’s my fave- this recipe makes it pretty simple:

    • Hi Kathryn-I haven’t! Thanks for passing it along-I’m going to check it out!

  5. Nice photo of my flan! I enjoy reading your blog Lauren. Keep up the good photo journal. Georgia

    • Thank you, Georgia! How fun to meet someone and hear from them on the blog! Take care! 🙂

  6. Looks like you had a blast! you two are so stinkin cute….I love that some random lady asked if you wanted to take a pic of her food! hahaha. that makes you a professional foodie! way to go!

    • Thanks Julie!!!

  7. Yum.

  8. I must go there, with you preferably!

    • yes to both of you!!!

  9. Birthday date there?

  10. I am in awe at your guys amazing bites! Great inspiration too btw! Date night:success

    • Thank you! 🙂

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