Posted by: Lauren | April 7, 2010

a real spring

I’m back! Spring break with Joe’s family (a lot of them!) down south was wonderful! It was great spending time with everyone and the weather was gorgeous. I put up a bunch of pictures on facebook a few weeks ago, so no need to be redundant a.k.a. I’m too lazy to pick through so many of them to post more on here.

Plus, the past two weeks since we got home the weather here has been amazing. Like, truly spring. Not Chicago spring in which it snows. No, like 70’s and even 80’s. I’ve been soaking it up and getting outside a lot. I love working in this yard of ours. Even after I fill up 24 lawn bags with leaves and still have about 12 more to go. I realized I’m noticing everything bud and bloom like I never have before. I guess it’s because I’m married now. 😉


IMG_1863  Tulips! One of our favorites.


Hyacinth. Smells heavenly.


Don’t know what this is? But I like it. I saw it growing in the grass.


Took this yesterday, after it stormed all night and was grey and cloudy this morning. Then the sun came out and the day was beautiful. So it was cold and rainy today, oh well. Oh and Joe installed an amazing storm door for our front door, which has been so nice to have the breeze and sunlight come in. Love having a live-in handyman.


Meet Sara.


And half of our messy kitchen.

Sara is one of my besties, and has never been on the blog! What?!?! So here she is when she came home last week, or as she calls it, the Promised Land. Sara and her soon-to-be-husband, Zac, will move across the street from Joe and me, we just don’t know quite when. Sara is one of the most talented and creative people I know. She’s an art teacher, and makes pretty much anything. Like shoes, and chairs. She also made our wedding cake!

608217545_lauren and joe - 768

Not only was it so stinking cute and awesome, but it tasted amazing! Speaking of weddings…Sara and I chose the same wedding date (July 3rd)…just a year apart! It’s not like that awful movie. I can’t wait for their wedding!

So, can you tell I love this gal?

When she came over I made her a meal you’ve seen before on here.




I’ll be getting up a big Easter weekend post soon. It was such a wonderful weekend; surrounded by lots of family and feeling so blessed, as they always make me feel. Hope you all had a beautiful Easter and were reminded of the enormous love of Jesus.

Colossians 2:13 “Then God made you alive with Christ, for he forgave all our sins. He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross.”





  1. Hey Lauren! Did you know that you won the “Heather’s Dish” contest!? I thought for sure you’d post about it!
    How fun that Sarah is moving across the street! Sounds like the makings of an extremely fun, next few years…:)

    • Julie, I know! It completely slipped my mind to say anything! So fun 🙂 Well, you see, it’s more like our dream that she moves into the house that’s for sale across the street. I probably should’ve put a little wink face after that for the people who don’t know. 🙂

      • Oh’s a reality..I will make it there one day. I’ll let Zac know the pressure is on to move because Lauren announced it to the world haha.

      • hahaha perfect plan.

  2. I hope one day I live across the street from my bestie too 🙂 She’s one talented cake maker/decorator! WOW.

    We seem to have skipped spring over here–it is hot ‘n’ toasty. This weekend it is supposed to cool down, which will be nice since my fam is coming into town weeeeeee!

    Love ya!! Can’t wait to see your Easter recap, since mine was boring.

    • Allie-I was thinking, you should probably move to Illinois to open your bakery. It really would make the most sense! I know, you guys have definitely had some summer weather-hope the allergies are getting better! Love ya-would’ve had you over for Easter if I could! 🙂

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