Posted by: Lauren | March 21, 2010

saturday nights in march

The past few Saturday nights have been really fun getting together with friends and family. The first Saturday we ate at Wok n Fire, a funky new Asian restaurant, to celebrate our friend, Kody’s birthday. (These first sets of photos were with my old point and shoot camera.) Clockwise: Sam and Katie, Katie and Kody, Greg, Cody, and Tim, Renee and Greg).

IMG_3897IMG_3896 IMG_3899IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3902

Love these kids. (My plate was the sushi, Joe had this teriyaki or Szechwan-can’t remember- fish and veggies.)

Last Saturday Joe and I went to out to eat with Coral and Nate at Mongolian BBQ and then went to a fro yo place called Red Mango. Oh man, it was so good. Why don’t we have these frozen yogurt places closer to home?! This was so creamy and yummy-original tart and cocoa swirl, with Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips and coconut. Deeeelish!




Saturday was cold and snowy outside, and I’m still recovering from the flu, so a night at my parents eating dinner, playing cards, and watching a movie was perfect.


My dad bought this card game book and Joe was reading how to play Euchre. Our parents and Sam tried to teach Katie, Joe and me the directions last time we were over, but geez, we couldn’t get into it. It just wasn’t clicking? I think Joe is saying, “this game is crazy” with his face…?



Momma’s spread:


Ensalada…we’ve always loved my mom’s vinaigrette: balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, pepper. Easy and yum.


Roasted vegetables: these were SO delicious. Seasoning salt. Pepper.


Sweet potato and Idaho






My plate, sans the skin, plus pieces of that delicious bread and buttah. Oh and more sweet taters-could eat those like candy.

Dessert (plus mini Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups-those are ridiculously good and so hard to stop eating!):


These were so sweet! I’m so happy to have berries back in my life!


Katie’s head disappeared. We played Egyptian Rat screw. So fun. The game went on forever! Joe and I eventually just said we tied. 🙂

Now my family is watching New Moon, while I type this and sip some tea for the throat. Joe is stretching on the floor next to me after eating copious amounts of Tagalongs, and Sam, Joe, and I may or may not be making fun of the movie. 😉

Psalm 89:1

“I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever;
       with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.”





  1. Wow, 2 great posts, Lauren!!! Great pics of fam and friends!!! Love Joe and your Mom’s version of Halloween gone REALLY, REALLY wrong! Me likey butternut squash mucho, so that was REALLY appealing to me! Of course, playing Rat Screw or WHATEVER that crazy name was is even MORE appealing, esp with your FAM!!!! Good times, huh? Wow, the weather extremes are amazing, huh? Kinda like emotions, right? I digress! Miss you so much! Sharon

  2. Always such a blessing to have you come over and warm up the house with your presense. I love you all!!!!

  3. Veggies look great Lauren! Thanks for the encouragement the other day too, I really appreciate it. xoxo

  4. Oh my, you Mama’s meal looks soo comforting and good!!! I swear, I think you have convinced me to want to roast a chicken soon 🙂
    Card games are a serious weakness of mine, dread!

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