Posted by: Lauren | February 17, 2010

valentine’s day

Hi loves! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, spreading and feeling lots of love! Long post ahead!

On Valentine’s day after church we had a waffle brunch. I bought Joe a waffle maker after remembering him say that he wanted one awhile ago. At the time, I thought we didn’t need any more kitchen appliances or gadgets, but who am I kidding? Bring on the homemade waffles!


Joe made them and they were goooood! There he is adding salt to the m&m’s. Funny.


Apparently making waffles is tiring. Wait until you see pictures from later that day…here’s a hint: his face/head looks different…

IMG_1142The first waffle didn’t turn out quite right…

IMG_1155But the rest of them were perfect! Way to go, Joe!


I warmed up some pure maple syrup in the heart bowl. I also chopped apples and microwaved with pumpkin butter and cinnamon for about a minute.   


I can’t wait to start creating some different waffle recipes! Coconut, ya?!  What is awesome is freezing them and popping in the toaster oven to enjoy later. Here was Joe’s snack yesterday:

IMG_1232 Topped with peanut butter and sliced banana. And he just told me he did this same thing for breakfast today. And made a smiley face out of the bananas. Are you kidding me?! This is what he does at 5 am?!

Check out what I found on my memory card the other day:

IMG_1071 Maybe he needs to do a guest post on how to make this. 😉

Geez. I love this guy so much.


So Sunday night we went to Wildwood in Geneva. We really enjoyed our date and should really make more time to just sit, talk, no distractions. You know?


Oh yeah, he took a razor to his head. Want to see my leftovers the next day?

IMG_1216I’m not a huge meat fan, and this Santa Fe Veggie dish sounded really good, and it was! It had soo many spices and finished with a Meyer lemon olive oil-really flavorful. The avo was grilled too! Obviously I didn’t eat much of it the night before, probably because of the seafood fondue we had for an app!


Every year for VDay since we first started dating (17), Joe has made me chocolate covered strawberries. Aww we’re such saps, huh? Anyways, I seriously believe they are the BEST. I know, I’m biased, but I don’t care.




IMG_1247Hi! Make me food and do dishes? I’d marry you again. 



And in case I ever make it seem like it’s just strawberries and sunshine dust over here, please don’t think that. We’ve got our issues, hang ups, annoyances, etc., but you guys already knew that, right?! We’re blessed with LOVE far greater than anything we could ever give each other.     


One more thing I want to show you. We got this amazing deal on a media stand from Crate and Barrel that was on sale. After gift cards and some birthday cash, we paid $60! Score!

Before (what’s with the weird commercial?!):




Here is the cool part that Joe had the idea for. We went to Ikea and got these little boxes that you put together yourself. I think they were around $4 for two boxes. We put our DVDs in them by genre and set them on the lower shelf of the media stand. We love how clean and organized it is! See how in the above picture they don’t stand out at all?! So there’s a little idea for ya, if you’re interested. 🙂

IMG_1252 IMG_1251

Oh and the gas company FINALLY came and hooked up our gas to the fireplace. FiiiiiRE! So cozy and really warm. I added some pretty vases, candle, etc. to the mantle, but it’s still a work in progress. We’re I’m looking for a unique and beautiful print or painting for above the mantle. Any ideas? I should look on etsy some more, me thinks.


The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18





  1. Lauren you look absoluteyl gorgeous in your date pic! OW OW!!! Love the choco covered strawberries-that is a great pic! I want to sink my teeth into those bad boys! And hello!? Coconut waffles!? BRING EM ON!

    GREAT POST! Love it all!

    • Awww thanks Julie! You’re so sweet. The next time you’re home, you’re showing me how to make your coconut shrimp and truffles and we will have a coconut party!

  2. Strawberries and Sunshine…..that’w what you two are from my perspective! We all have issues in our tissues, fo sho, but the love shines through from you! Love Joe sans the facial hair! Too cute! Tell your waffle makin’, strawberry dippin’ beau that I love him no matter what, though! You totally SCORED with that media stand and great idea about the boxes! Less to dust around. Miss you tons!

    • Hahah I was totally going to write issues in our tissues and it reminded me of you! I don’t know why I didn’t?! I definitely like his face sans facial hair as well! Good point about less dusting around-even better! It was a great deal! I think originally $400-something?

  3. Sweet waffies. So we have a waffle maker as well and well the thing is…I spray it with some misto before but the waffle still ends up sticking and getting in all the cracks. Any suggestions?

    • Hmmm…do you preheat your waffle maker? Get it nice and hot, spray it liberally, and see what happens! Our first one wasn’t so great, but maybe the hotter it got and more oil we put on helped?

  4. I want to just go over to your house and hang out with you two! You and Joe seem like pure fun. I haven’t made waffles in forever. We had a waffle maker when I was younger but I think it’s long gone. I love waffles so maybe I’ll get one some day.

    Love that heart bowl!! PS You have a beautiful kitchen. Oh and nice job at Ikea 🙂

    • We want you to come over too!! I have to admit, I’m really glad we got one-and it was a good price too at Bed Bath and Beyond. One of the cheapest, but the waffles turned out great! Thanks Allie!

  5. Nice waffles! I am going to visit my family this weekend and my Mom is giving me her old waffles press that she doesn’t want anymore…score!! Too cool that your hubby fixed those for you guys. The strawberries are the best touch! I would be bragging if J would even attempt that, HA! What a fun date night, you guys look great. How did you like the avocado grilled? We have those same boxes with dvd’s hiding in them, they are white though. Gotta love hiding the clutter. 🙂

    • Aw that’s awesome! And enjoy the time with your family! The avocado was perfect! I’ve never had it grilled, and I thought it was great. Yes, hide the clutter for sure! 🙂

  6. Lauren!
    I saw you won Heather’s contest for Stonyfield! HOW FUN!!! Congrats!!

    • So fun!!! Ok, it’s been actually kind of crazy, because I’ve been winning a lot of giveaways lately, and I don’t even enter in many-just like the ones that I would really appreciate! I actually feel kind of bad! hah!

  7. […] save for it, and when you find a great deal and really like the piece, snatch it up. Like the media stand we found on clearance at Crate and […]

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