Posted by: Lauren | January 2, 2010

a good start

We had a good start to our day and to our New Year’s goals: Joe and I read the first two chapters from Proverbs and prayed together. There are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days in January. I got the idea from Polly!

I then made us a pot of oatmeal. Mine had banana, chia seeds, a spoonful of cottage cheese, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Joe’s had banana, peanut butter, and Breyers vanilla ice cream. 🙂 Even though I had a lot less oatmeal, he finished his off way before me!



Despite eating my weight in cheese yesterday, I had a great workout at the gym. I think I’m on a good start to my “getting ripped” goal 😉 I ran 4 miles, then used some strength machines to work on back, triceps, deltoids, and leg extension for quads. I’ve gotten on a bit of a running kick again (I’m on again, off again since I always hurt my shins or knees, or get bored). I’m trying to take it nice and slow, plus I think the treadmill is easier on my legs than the pavement. We’ll see!

When I came home I knew I wanted a salad and to make Mama Pea’s pumpkin roasted chickpeas. They were yummy, even though I think I overcooked them. Oops.

IMG_0698  I followed all of her directions but I didn’t have nutmeg so I just put in a few shakes of pumpkin pie spice. Oh and I also baked them in our toaster oven.


I made a big salad to share some with Joe/save some for tomorrow. There was organic spinach and organic spring mix (only $1.99 a clamshell at Caputos!), organic carrots and cauliflower (Caputo’s-so cheap again), broccoli, green pepper, and Trader Joe’s grass fed white cheddar. Topped mine with chickpeas, a TJ’s pickle and Tuscan Italian dressing.



Then for “dessert” I had half a grapefruit with some NuNaturals Stevia sprinkled on.


Yeah, wish I wanted to eat like this everyday! Maybe I should blog more healthy and yummy meals and snacks to help me stay motivated to reach my goals, and give some ideas to other people? I don’t know, this was never really that kind of a blog…anyone’s thoughts?

“For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy.” Proverbs 2:10





  1. Wow you really are off to a great start! That oatmeal looks great and so does the salad!! Joe got his dairy servings in at breakfast 🙂

  2. Okay, so who is Mama Pea???? I gotta know! I wish I liked oatmeal. Your salad looks fab!! Way to go running 4 miles……was that non-stop???? Regardless, good for you! Love you!

    • Hahah she is a blogger 🙂 I found her blog a few months ago. She is really funny and has such a cute family. Try oatmeal with a lot of different textures-I know you don’t like mushy textured food! 🙂 You can top with some granola, banana, peanut butter, coconut, chopped nuts, apples, etc. You may grow to like it!

      Yes, those were 4 straight miles in about 41:30, which is over a ten minute pace, but my little legs don’t like going very fast! 🙂

      Love you!!!

  3. I really need to try oatmeal with vanilla ice cream. But something tells me that after I’m done eating, I’ll just go back into the tub of ice cream for seconds!

    Those roasted chickpeas look divine!

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