Posted by: Lauren | December 19, 2009

wheat bread and pizza crust

I’ve had requests for the recipe for the artisan bread and pizza dough. We received the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for our wedding, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I did adapt the recipe in there, and have seen recipes on the Internet that are same as the original in the book, but I really do suggest purchasing that book as it really spells it all out and gives SO many different bread recipes. I want to make pita bread next!

 IMG_3458 IMG_3479 IMG_3500 IMG_3509 IMG_3515

Wheat Dough (for bread or pizza)

(This will make 2 loaves of bread, or two pizzas)

1 packet of yeast

1 Tbsp. Kosher salt or Sea Salt (I use sea salt)

2 cups room temperature water

1 cup white whole wheat flour

3.5 cups unbleached, all purpose flour

1. Combine water, yeast and salt in a very large bowl that comes with a lid (4 qt. bowl or container). You do not need to wait for it to dissolve.

2.Add the flours and combine with a wooden spoon, or in a mixer with a dough attachment, or food processor (I just use a wooden spoon!) If it gets too tough to mix with the spoon, wet your hands and work with the dough until all the flour is combined-but you don’t need to knead! Hey look, homophones! (Nerd!)

3. Cover bowl with lid, but NOT AIR TIGHT and leave at room temperature. The dough will rise, then flatten back out (takes around 2-5 hours).

4. Refrigerate and use within 10 days.


We went to my in-laws last for dinner and my father-in-law, Larry, likes to bake bread too!! Check out his masterpiece:


We had such a yummy spread. I had grilled pork, stir fried veggies, sweet potato, a little bread, and some of this really good salad my sister-in-law, Anna, made. It had black beans, roasted corn, tomatoes, pasta, and some spices. Yum!



I’ve been making these smoothies A LOT this week. Joe and I love them and I keep telling everyone to try them! So far, there have been some new followers to the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie


For one:

1 frozen banana (cut in chunks then frozen)

~1 cup milk (organic 2% makes it extra creamy!)

spoonful of peanut butter (I love Costco organic P.B.)

Blend away, sip, and say lots of “mmmm…yummmm!”



Need a recipe that literally takes under 10minutes? Here you go!

Shrimp, Broccoli and Whole Wheat Couscous


To serve about 2-4 I used:

1/2 bag of frozen, pre cooked, medium shrimp (rinsed under cold water to defrost)

2 servings of whole wheat couscous (can’t remember how much-follow directions on box)

1/2 bag frozen broccoli

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes

~1/4 tsp. pepper and sea salt

1 can diced tomatoes (found organic diced tomatoes at Costco for great deal!)

I started by getting the shrimp under cold water for several minutes. While that was going I started the couscous, then started to steam broccoli. Then I added shrimp, tomatoes, red pepper, and salt and pepper to a skillet, cooked for a few minutes, then added the cooked couscous and broccoli and served!


Here is another no brainer recipe:

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

1 spaghetti squash

1 lb of ground meat (I used organic ground beef from Costco-it is really good!)

1 jar of spaghetti sauce

Parm or Romano if you like!

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Pierce some holes in the spaghetti squash with a fork, place on baking sheet, and bake for 1 hr. Cook meat in skillet and add sauce. When squash is done, cool for a few minutes, and then cut in half with a knife, scoop out seeds, and take a fork to it so you get “spaghetti strands.” I served mine on top of some spring greens since I didn’t feel like a salad but wanted to get some green in. Easy!!!

This is also a really easy way to cook any kind of hard squash so you don’t have to cut it when it’s super hard. I pretty much only cut butternut squash before cooking when making roasted pieces or “fries.”



As this season is so busy and I feel like I’m running around a ton, I MUST remember what this time is all about: Celebrating Jesus. How he came down to this rough place so that we could have a right relationship with God. To love us, forgive us, show us how to live, and give us everlasting life.

“People need more than bread for their life; they must feed on every word of God.” Matthew 4:4





  1. Your just full of crazy awesome recipes now aren’t cha!?

    I need to make my own whole wheat pizza crust one of these days. I usually get the TJ’s one for 99 cents (holy DEAL) but I think it would be fun to make.

    • Whoa I haven’t seen the .99 dough at TJ’s!! I’ve seen some for like $3.99. It is fun to make, the ingredients are so simple, and it is very cheap to make your own! 🙂

  2. my pizza crust recipe is very similar. you are good at the bread baking thing! I double the recipe and freeze the others so I only have to make it once a month or so. smoothie recipe looks good!

  3. Lauren,
    Those recipes sound awesome! Mmmmm…..can’t wait to try some in the New Year. The smoothies sound great! I’ve seen that dough at TJ’s in the refrig section….it’s ready to be baked…..haven’t tried it, but it looks good. Love you tons! Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas! Still want to see those pics! 🙂 Love you!

  4. I love the artisan bread in five minutes a day, have you tried their new book?

    • I haven’t, but I’ve heard about it!

  5. Hi Lauren, thanks so much for finding my blog! I appreciate new comments for sure. Your blog here is terrific, I look forward to reading more. Don’t be stranger – add me to your blogroll if you like…I don’t do all food stuff though, barely at all actually – I am more like a random life confused blog …:)

  6. You are so ambitious with your bread making! I love it! I’m scared for whatever reason to try it myself. I can’t tell if I’m lazy or just a big wimp! Your breads looks amazing; I wish I could smell the home baked goodness through the computer. Thanks for your reminder about Christmas. We tend to get so busy that we forget what the holiday is all about.

  7. […] dinner he needed a smoothie. So I made him my Peanut Butter Frozen Banana Smoothie. Haven’t made it yet? Please stop right now, cut up a banana, put it in the freezer, and make it […]

  8. […] that had a very common theme. We consume A LOT of peanut butter in this house. Whether it’s a Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie, topped on some oat bran or oatmeal, or some sweet no bake treats, we love it. By the way, I’m so […]

  9. […] This recipe came out of the book Artisan Break in 5 Minutes A Day, which I really recommend. The only thing I tweaked was making my own “buttermilk” with lemon juice and milk…or was it milk and vinegar? Basically I made sour milk and used that in the recipe. It turned out really great, but can’t share the recipe since it’s in the book. But, really, you should just check the book out for yourself! I’ve talked about it before here. […]

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