Posted by: Lauren | December 8, 2009


It is ridiculously cozy today. The snow is falling, I baked fresh loaves of bread, chili is on the stove, cookies in the oven, Christmas trees lit up, and I’m sitting at the island in my kitchen looking out at the snow falling and the Christmas lights outside. Whew! That’s a lot of cozy stuff to be thankful for! We’re supposed to get a ton of snow tonight and I can actually hear it-the flakes are huge!

What I made last night and this morning is so refreshing and delicious, not at all cozy, but if your in a warm home with lots of layers on, it really doesn’t matter!

First up is a Creamy Clementine Smoothie


Joe and I loved this! To serve 2 you’ll need:

1-2 frozen bananas (I probably used about a 1 cup of frozen banana chunks)

2 clementines

1 cup lowfat plain yogurt

Splash of milk (I used organic 2%)


Blend away! Seriously, so yummy! It’s citrusy and creamy—please make it and tell me how you like it!

This morning I had a new variation on a Green Goodness/Green Monster/whatever you want to call ‘em…

Kiwi Green Smoothie


For one serving you’ll need:

a huge handful of spinach (I fill my magic bullet cup all the way)

1 kiwi (I peeled, but next time I’m going to try not peeling!)

1 frozen banana

~1/2-3/4 cup low fat plain yogurt

splash of milk

First, blend the spinach and milk until it’s liquid. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend. This is so refreshing, sweet, and I promise, like I’ve told some friends and family before: you do not taste the spinach (if you add banana)! Also, it seemed EXTRA creamy today.

Then I noticed this…


Darn. Today is December 8th. Maybe that’s why it was so creamy…

Is it bad that I will continue to eat that yogurt until I finish it in the next few days? (Milk is gone.)

Really though, there was no chunkage, weird smell, or tummy aches. I think those dates may be just “suggestions”….??

Don’t worry, I promise I don’t serve expired food to other people (er besides Joe).

I’m off to eat some chili and homemade bread with my hubby, then watch The Biggest Loser season finale!!! (My chicas small group/Bible study was cancelled because of this carazay snow.)

God is love.” 1 John 4:8





  1. Can’t wait to try the smoothies. I bought clementines, but need to get some bananas! Ummmmmm…

    • Great! And make sure you freeze the bananas! Frozen bananas make them extra creamy! xoxo

  2. Hi Little Laurie!!!
    I’ve been thinking about you today, with all that ther snowfall and all! Yikes! Charlotte would SHUT DOWN fo REAL! Oh, we’ve noticed that ALL dairy products, including Half n Half last much longer than the suggested date, so it’s all good! The test for me is if it curdles in my coffee. Your smoothies look yummy and healthy too. Clemintines are too cute! Our party is Saturday. I made a variation on some Chocolate Mint Snowballs (Southern Living). So, I used a pkg of Candy Candy Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joes, a pkgs of cream cheese. Pulse cookies first adding half first and then another half until crumbly. Add 1/4 of the cream cheese at a time. Refrig for a few mins and form into little balls. Melt 2 bags of chocolate chips with 1 T. shortening for 90 seconds, stirring every thirty mins, or until melted. Dip balls in chocolate and place on wax paper. Store in frig in sealed container. YUMMY! They’re great if you love chocolate and mint!!! Go TJs! Stay safe! Love you tons! Sharon

    • Yum yum and yum! I’m emailing you…Love you!

  3. Oh, pulse those mint snowballs in a food processor.

  4. Can’t wait to be reunited with my Magic Bullet so I can make some smoothies!! I left mine at home over Thanksgiving and 2 weeks without my MB was hard! I can’t wait to be in my cozy warm house too so I can drink cold beverages without freezing my tail off!

    • Enjoy this time off and eat lots of smoothies with your parents! 🙂

  5. Clementine smoothie sounds perfect. I would like to make that one. I will let you know if I do 🙂

  6. I would not have thought of putting clementines in the blender. I am going to give that a try! You are full of good ideas.

    • Thanks ladies!

  7. Sounds like the perfect kind of day. There is nothing better than having a cozy day at home espeicially with freshly baked food and a christmas tree to enjoy! That clementine smoothie makes me think of an orange julius, yummm!

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