Posted by: Lauren | November 24, 2009

6 years

A little over six years ago a 17 year old boy told a 16 year old girl that he liked her and wanted to go from being “friends to dating.” The girl was 16 going on 17, (much like the song,) and her heart fluttered when she heard this gorgeous boy tell her these things. It was after school, in the fall of their junior year, and they were just about to visit her sister at college in a small town in Indiana. After praying about it for about a week, they decided to go forward with it, and on November 25, 2003 they became an “official couple.”

Ok I’m done with the 3rd person. Thought it might be kinda cute for the occasion. Maybe? Want to see an embarrassing picture of us together BEFORE we started dating?

I thought so.

1 (2)

Hi Miss Slouchy! There we are exactly one month before we started dating. We had different dates but went in the same group for Homecoming of our junior year.


1 (43)

1 (42) 

^ Thank you so much, Miss Extremely Talented Lauren Johnson, for these pics. ^


608218687_lauren and joe - 769

We apparently like the kisses.



How long am I going to have “our last night on our honeymoon” picture as my facebook profile picture?

Probably until I get my dramatic haircut.

Oooh the excitement!

Give someone you love a hug and kiss, and thank God for them.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17





  1. This was so sweet Lauren. God has blessed the both of you!

    • Krystal, thanks so much! You are so sweet.

  2. Those are adorable photos!!! Ahhh I wish I found love at that age…or just ever. Haircut!??!

    • Haha Allie I know I sound like some old cliche lady, but it will all happen when it’s supposed to!

  3. Lauren,
    Your story and pics were heartwarming!!! Happy Dating Anner-Verserary!! Tee-hee! You’re both so beautiful, inside and out!! Amen to the verse you quoted today! Thanks for sharing that! How cool that your dating Anniversary is the same as Uncle Jim’s b-day! Oh, and it’s so awesome that you and Joe ended up in the SAME pic before you started dating. Meant to be, as they say! I’m thankful to God for you!! Love you!

    • I know! Holler to Uncle Jim! Thanks for all the love! We love you!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! So so so happy to have Joe as my brother, its hard to think back to when he wasn’t in the picture 😉 Love you both so much!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both. I found you through Healthy Chow’s blog and wanted to say hello. I have been dating my boyfriend since 9th grade (11 years!) and always love to find similar stories out there. It’s so inspiring to see. Great looking blog too!

    • Caroline, thanks so much for stopping by! Wow since 9th grade?! I thought we were youngins! 🙂

  6. That is amazing! Happy Anniversary you guys 🙂

    • Thank you!!!

    • Thank you!!!

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