Posted by: Lauren | November 4, 2009

sweet potato chicken curry

I wish I was the creator of this recipe, but like so many other good ones, it is from Cooking Light. It has the perfect mix of spices, the chicken was really tender, and it was filled with veggies too.


You can find the recipe for Sweet Potato Chicken Curry here from Cooking Light. I served it with some brown rice, but I’ve eaten it plain too for leftovers. I followed the recipe almost exactly-in place of boxed/canned chicken broth I just used these chicken bouillon-like packets from Trader Joe’s that you mix with hot water to make chicken broth (except they’re not powdery, it’s liquidy). They make it so easy so that I don’t have to have leftover broth that goes to waste in the fridge, and the ingredients are simple.


I know I talk about this grocery store and their cheap prices, but seriously, if you live in the Chicagoland, you have to shop at Caputo’s for their produce, meat, spices, and plastic binned items like oats, nuts, chocolate covered goodies(my current fave: dark chocolate covered espresso beans), etc. SO CHEAP-including the organic stuff! Organic pears were .49/lb, and non organic were the same price! Uh, why would you get the other kind?! They don’t have all produce in organic, though, just some. Here’s another sample:


Huge containers of spices for around $1.59. I know this is a little on the lame side posting some prices of spices, but I’m all about saving some cash, and I’m passing on the tips, k?

I am very grateful for my women’s small group/Bible study. God is SO incredibly good and He uses these girls to encourage and teach me and just in so many amazing ways.

Anything new you’re learning these days? What are you grateful for? I would really love to hear!

Here’s a verse I found this morning. Something to chew on.

“I know, my God, that you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there.” 1 Chronicles 29:17





  1. I am grateful for you!!! I’m also grateful for God’s unconditional love, being raised in a Faithful family, and for having the most loving husband to share life with. That recipes looks really good. I recently heard how turmeric is really good for you and there is something in it that prevents Alzheimer’s. Hope you’re having a great day! Love you!

    • I couldn’t have said it better—I’m so grateful for all those things as well! And for you! I love you and am thankful for our time spent chatting back and forth. I do wish we could be cooking up things together in the kitchen 🙂 Ooh good to know about the turmeric! Didn’t know about that! Love you so much!

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