Posted by: Lauren | October 15, 2009

thanksgiving panini

This is an early-American Thanksgiving, late-Canadian Thanksgiving panini. I’ve been making these for about four years every fall since my brother bought me a panini press one year for my birthday. Make ’em today! Or wait until you have leftovers from Thanksgiving. Whatevs.


I start by making cranberry sauce with a bag of fresh cranberries, one cup water, one cup sugar (I used sucanat, just an unrefined sugar), some orange juice, and cinnamon. (There are instructions and recipes on the bags of cranberries.)

Take whole wheat bread, start with some cheese (I used muenster), then a spoonful of cranberry sauce and then some turkey (I like Trader Joe’s roasted turkey). I put it on the panini press for just a minute or two but you can just put them on a pan with a heavy pot on top for pressure. Ooey gooey delicious.


Joe's plate

In other news, the Sugar Free Challenge ended on Monday and I’m really glad it’s over I did it.  I may have enjoyed some brownies, cake, and ice cream this week since it ended. Ah wha?! Yeah, it’s true. This challenge may be something I need to undertake like a few days a day each week?! Oh boy.

“God, the one and only…Everything I need comes from him…He’s solid rock under my feet…I’m set for life.” Psalm 62: 1-2





  1. sure do miss the panini maker, you and the gizmo, you have to have me over for lunch and make me one:)

    • ANYTIME!!

  2. I made some T-Day ish paninis yesterday too!!! I haven’t been eating meat the last 2 months (besides seafood)…not sure how T-Day is gonna go this year though! The ooey gooey cheese got me droolin’ fo sho!!

    PS I got that SAME blue/green plate in your last post about a month ago….so cute. I haven’t been using it lately because the leaf one is always calling my name 🙂

    • Don’t worry about tgivingm the best parts are the sides and dessert!I love that we share such great taste in fine china and paninis

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