Posted by: Lauren | October 1, 2009

the shins

I left this evening literally running out the door for a “quick run.” I should know better than to not warm up. My shins and knees will take a beating. But, I wanted to get moving and so I was running right away and feeling SO good. Then my shins started to ache, and kept aching. I knew I should probably walk so I did for a minute, then I was itching to keep running! I get on kicks of running but unfortunately they don’t last for that long (like a month at a time of more committed running) because after awhile my knees and shins just hurt too much. I had been really good though lately! I’ve been warming up, walk if I need to, take some magnesium after. Today, I just wanted to run so badly! I felt amazing cardiovascular-wise while running, but my right shin started to have sharp pain. I walked again for a second and stretched, then took off again. I ran for 25 minutes, and eventually the pain wasn’t bad, either I was warming up, or desensitizing to the pain. I was grateful just to be running, but kind of bummed as my lungs and heart felt so good but I felt like the shins were holding me back. Also, it was slightly rainy and cool-wonderful running conditions if you ask me. I told Joe and he mentioned a gym membership to workout without such high impact. Sounds pretty nice, but I don’t know about adding that to the budget right now. The plan for now is to get new shoes, even though I feel like I get them constantly, I think it’s been a year! I am also recommitting to warming up ALWAYS!

Any other tips for me? I have been doing some yoga too and I think that helps a lot!

“Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in.” Hebrews 12:2





  1. I really wish I could give you a magical cure. I’ve tried so many things and shin pain just won’t leave me the heck alone! I’m trying the Galloway method now to hopefully minimize the impact (in terms of continuous time) that I put on my shins. I’m also REALLY trying to take it super slow–the only method I’ve never actually tried. It’s always been too fast too soon.

    I always get hopeful but then lose hope along the way. One day, we’ll both get there!

  2. Ugh I wish I could help, but I’m in the same situation myself! Especially with the weather starting to cool down a tad (which in FL is a miracle) I would so much rather be outside running than in our little apartment gym on an elliptical. Just keep stretching, icing and praying! Hopefully one day if it’s God’s will we’ll both be able to be pain-free runners!

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