Posted by: Lauren | September 16, 2009

apples to apples

Have you guys ever played that game? It’s pretty good. Joe once said he didn’t like it, but then we played a big game with my cousins and family, and he cheated by hoarding about twenty cards in his lap so he could have better ones to choose from. Then Mary, my cousin, caught on and joined him! Oh he was in big trouble…and it was really funny. So we let it slide.

On to apple recipes!


Apple-Spinach Chicken (adapted from Health-found at

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 T olive oil

salt and pepper

3/4 -1 cup apple cider (I used “Simply Apple” brand)

1 clove minced garlic

1 T dijon or spicy brown mustard

1 large apple (I used my McIntosh-recipe called for Granny Smith)

6 cups fresh baby spinach

Salt and pepper chicken. Brown both sides in oil on pan (about 5 mins each side). Remove to plate, cover with another plate. Reduce heat and cook the rest of the ingredients (except spinach). Let simmer and stir occasionally, about 5 minutes. Add chicken back to pan, about 3 minutes. Then add spinach for about a minute. Note: I added a sprinkle of sucanat (organic whole cane sugar) to apples since I knew they were pretty tart (and flavorless-bummer!).

I served with brown rice. Right after dinner I packed for my lunch tomorrow-makes it much easier(then I added another big handful of spinach-not pictured).


Recipe with apples #2:

Easy Apple Crisp-made in the microwave!

Okay, I’ll tell you right now-this wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever created. First, the apples just have no flavor. Second, I was a little stingy with the sugar and “fat.” I’m posting this though because I know it can majorly be improved. Oh, and I didn’t measure anything…so here goes!

First, cut up two apples and place in 8×8 glass dish. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Then I drizzled organic agave nectar.


Then top with a good sprinkle of oats, sucanat, and instead of butter I used…coconut oil! This stuff is amazing. After I got it on my fingers, I just rubbed into my hands-it is the best moisturizer. I keep a jar in the bathroom and a jar in the kitchen. Ahh back to recipe! Next time I will use more of it, and more sucanat.

Coconut oil and sucanat making an appearance

Coconut oil and sucanat making an appearance

Microwave for 5 minutes. I served it to Joe with a side of plain greek yogurt with agave and more cinnamon:


Okay so that took my huge amount of Macs down only 3 apples! Anyone want some? Let me know!

I read this today that Paul wrote to the Corinthians and it was comforting to me. “Our Master Jesus has his arms wide open for you.” 1 Corinthians 16:23





  1. We love the game, Apples to Apples, and play it often with our “Game Night” group!!!!! How fun!!! Your recipes look yummy!!! Aunt Kathy has a fabulous recipe for Apple Squares with a glaze on top. I mean the O’Grady Aunt Kathy. I need that recipe too!! Love you!

    • Oooh I’d like that recipe if you have it!

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