Posted by: Lauren | September 9, 2009

homemade marinara sauce & green goodness


I made homemade marinara sauce today! I followed Giada’s recipe (love her) from here. The only changes I made were leaving out the bay leaf since I didn’t have it, and I added some shredded zucchini, a fresh plum tomato from the garden, and a pinch of sugar after cooking for awhile. I added some turkey meatballs from Trader Joe’s and Joe and I brought it over to Lora’s to have dinner with her and the babe. The ravioli was filled with spinach and ricotta. I made a fruit salad and got some of these mini focaccia loaves from Caputos. Aren’t they cute?


I also made some green goodness this morning for breakfast and for Joe when he got home from work and wanted to eat everything in sight.

IMG_2957I blended a huge handful of spinach with orange juice, then I added the yogurt and some banana and ice. Really, really refreshing and delish!

I leave you with… yoga baby!

IMG_2967Grandma was holding her and we all had to get our cameras out. Madelyn is so entertaining!

“You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity.” Philippians 4:19,20





  1. love this blog you have officially motivated me to be much more creative for dinner and lunch for Chris Austin and oh our new baby girl Julia joined us July 7th

    thanks for the blog and we are so excited for the both of you what a great example to the true meaning of what God has called us to be as wife and husband! hope to see you soon

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