Posted by: Lauren | August 25, 2009

warm towels & butternut squash

There were two things that happened this evening that I was very happy about and grateful for. The first was having WARM, clean, soft towels after the shower. I was just thinking that it was such a simple thing, but so much nicer than being cold and using damp towels. I know, kind of silly. But then I was thinking about how incredibly blessed I am to even have a shower, and it got me thinking about people all over the world who live in harsh, dirty conditions and have never experienced the luxury of a hot shower. So, I am very, very thankful. Oh yeah, oddly enough, Joe said the same thing about how much he loved clean, dry towels when he got out of the shower today. Funny, huh?

The second thing is this: butternut squash fries!


How could I have gone without these?! I used a butternut sqaush from M&D’s garden and pretty much followed the EASY recipe and directions here. Instead of using 4 T of olive oil, I just used 2 T and sprayed my pans with the oil in my Misto just in case it got sticky. Hit ’em with salt and freshly ground pepper. Wowza. They are yummy. Joe loved them too! Success! 400 degrees, 45 minutes, switch the pans halfway. I used 2 pans so that they had space to roast all nice and lovely. (The picture shows a lot of them-I dumped the two pans together.) Mmmm…

Psalm 33:5

“Earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.” -The Message Bible

“He loves whatever is just and good, and his unfailing love fills the earth.” -NLT Bible





  1. So this is how I bribe myself…i tell myself “self…you can read Lauren’s blog when you are done working.” self responds…thats a great incentive. 🙂

  2. Oh I love how your sister uses your sight as positive reinforcements for her work behavior! NICE KT!!! This recipe sounds delish, I am IN! But not on Japenese night! 🙂 And YES I totally agree w/ you – Brett and I just did that ? from 1001 book of questions – what is the best invention? Definitely indoor plumbing!!! 🙂

  3. Lauren,
    Once again, it delighted my heart, sould and tummy to read your blog today! Okay, first, butternut squash is like one of my favorite foods. I can’t wait to try the fries, though they can’t compare to the squash from tu mama’s garden. Yes, I love your Spanglish! Thank you for reminding all of us to stop and smell the roses and to thank God for all of His blessings. Now, get your little butt down to Charlotte and take a walk through our rose garden. We love you! Sharon

  4. what no new post?? but its my break time!!

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