Posted by: Lauren | August 23, 2009

we have some catching up to do

I know, no new posts for days! Sorry to my 3 readers!! Haha! Kidding…sort of. I am slowly telling more people about the blog, thinking about going totally public on facebook! We shall see…

Ok so great weekend! Let’s go back to Thursday for a second. Like I said, I wanted to give yoga another chance, and I’m so glad. I did a Gaiam cardio yoga DVD that I rented from the library and loved it! I’m not sure what kind of yoga it was but it was a lot of down dogs, side planks, and low and high lunges. It was relaxing, yet energizing, and a tough workout! Then I found out today that Katie got me the yogaisyummy DVD for graduation!!! Thanks Katie!!! I think this dude might have told her I would like that! 🙂


She also gave me these books I wanted(Power of a Praying Wife and Power of a Praying Husband-for Joe)! I have the best sister!

For dinner on Thursday I made turkey meatloaf muffins. One night my Mom just gave me some ideas of what to throw into meatloaf, and I decided to put them in muffin pans.

IMG_2722Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

1.5 pounds of ground turkey breast (I just used the ground turkey, but then it gets kind of “fatty” on the top)

2 t basil

2 t garlic (I use the frozen cubes from Trader Joe’s for both! I love those things!)

1/2 c Chopped onion or handful of dried minced onion

2 eggs

1/4 c. (palmful) of grated romano

Salt & Pepper

BBQ Sauce to cover meatloaf muffins.

Cover each “muffin” with a spoonful of bbq sauce. I baked at 350 for 20 minutes…I think. Hah! Sorry my recipes aren’t always exact!

On Friday night Pippi, Tim, Joe and I went to our town’s parade and fair! Woo hoo! Represent! We had this apple farm float in front of our house before it left for the parade! We love that place and it’s amazing apples, apple cider doughnuts, Christmas trees(only 1 year-they’re expensive!), and other yummy treats!


I made a yummy veggie sandwich before going so I wasn’t starving for corndogs and cheese fries later. Yeah, still ended up eating candy that people threw at our feet from the parade. And some of Pip’s cheese fries. And two bites of Joe’s rockin quesadilla. Ah well.


Saturday we got to spend time with my amazing Aunt Mo, and cousins Val and Laura. We had lunch at Katies, then went to the wonderful BBQ at Kim and Bretts! Fun times!!! Came back to my parents for pizza and Phase Ten. Love that game, love how competative Katie and Joe get with each other.

IMG_2736Laura, Val, Mom, Aunt Maureen, Katie, Dad

Today was helping with the two year olds with Joe at church. I love serving with him!! Then we got ready for our PARTY! We celebrated Katie and my graduation with teaching degrees (Katie got her masters-holler! and mine was B.A.)! (Don’t judge my writing b/c I’m a teacher, sometimes you just need to write really fast on these posts.) 😉

We had great family and friends over, enjoying the perfect weather in our yard. I didn’t get pics of the Bags tournaments going on. And the sweet Superman Bags set that Brandon and Lora made for Joe! bummer!


Very funny, U. Gary, you're in every picture! Cute Mom and Dad!

Very funny, U. Gary, you're in every picture! Cute Mom and Dad!

My mom made the yummiest spread! Mom, you’re the best cook!! Thank you for doing all of this for us!! I didn’t get a picture of the awesome dinner spread-burrito bowls-better than Chipotle! We also had such yummy appetizers and desserts…thanks to Joe’s momma and sis for the great rice krispies and scotcharoos, Katie for the chocolate chip cookie bars(I ate way too many!) Mom for the delcious raspberry ice cream pie, cookies, and dates filled with ricotta, and Michelle for the choc. chip zucchini bread!!!!!

IMG_2757Dates filled with ricotta and dusted with cocoa powder. TAAAAASTYYYYY!! Thank you Aunt Mo for making these! Wish you could’ve been here!

My, my, my. I am so grateful for such amazing relationships. Thank you, Lord for blessing me with incredible family and friends!!





  1. Yesterday was indeed a fun day! Good company, good food, and a great occasion! We are so proud of you and Katie and all of your hard work to get those degrees. And you and Joe were wonderful hosts. Your home is warm and inviting—a happy place to come to.
    Much love,
    Oh, and I enjoyed your blog and will try some of the recipes!

    • Thank you, Gwen for all of your help!!! It was a great time! Love you!

  2. We thank God for people like YOU! Yesterday was SO fun! We loved hanging w/ you kiddos and I’d like to add my user review of the amazing food! Five stars! We love italians they NEVER disappoint our bellies – yay! So so so sad to have missed that raspberry ice cream pie! SAD! We left there to eat hamburgers and chips – pathetic
    😦 So grateful for our to-go plate. Love u both 🙂
    I also have an amazing book u must read it is called the proper care and feeding of husbands – so great!

    xoxoxo me 🙂
    this friday? we are ON!

    • Oh Kimmers I love you! Thanks so much for coming and all your sweetness! You totally make a party! It’s just your glamorous lifestyle what with your constant party going. I can’t wait for Friday! Bring on the book! Yes please!

  3. What a wonderful party!! Thanks to all for the wonderful presents, Joe and Lauren hosting, and mom’s amazing cooking!! Great picts Lor!

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