Posted by: Lauren | August 18, 2009

lunchtime eats

Look out folks, there could be two posts today! I got a pic of the cute boy with the pipes last night!


I just ran to Caputo’s for a few things (Caputo’s is a grocery store with a lot of amazing Italian goods in the Chicagoland area). Their produce is so cheap! I had known that for awhile, but when I compared it to yesterday’s prices at Jewel (sorry Jewel), there was just no comparison.

Here’s what I got for $10.50 (including tax):

huge container of dried minced onions and

a huge container of dried mustard ($1.79 each)

2 Hass avocados

3 Michigan peaches

2 red bell peppers

2 mangos

seedless watermelon

woo woo!! Anyone else have a place they shop that’s really affordable? I, of course, love my TJ’s. And M&D’s garden…that’s free!!! Thanks guys! I love being able to walk to Jewel, though!

While writing this, I am eating this for lunch:

IMG_2677Mmm there’s a pepper from Caputo’s, cucumber from M&D’s garden, and a carrot-not one from the garden, I ate all those :(. And leftover pizza! There may be another slice in the works….

Having friends over for dinner tonight! Post about that to come later, I’m sure!




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