Posted by: Lauren | August 18, 2009

easy entertaining

I told you there would be two posts! This afternoon Joe and his friend/coworker Pat came over to work on a bid for a kitchen remodel. They hadn’t eaten lunch, so I heated the left over “Spank Cakes” and the BBQ Pizza for some “apps.” Then I made them this:

IMG_2679I needed to use up all that meat from our picnic the other day! But, we still have some leftover. I wish the bakery made soft whole wheat loaves like that. It was loaded with salami, pepperoni, Cajun turkey, cheese, veggies, and mustard. I think any meat that ends in an “i” probably tastes awesome and is not good for you, but those boys work hard all day!

Then Joe installed under cabinet lighting for me in the kitchen! Someday I will post before and after pictures of our casa. Here’s what the lighting is like:

IMG_2689We constantly thank God for this house He’s provided for us. We don’t deserve it, yet He is so good. We hope it is a tool to make people feel welcome and loved. For a long time it was stressful with the money and time that went into it, but we just enjoy it everyday now. Joe knows how to make 600 something square feet look good!

Tonight Katie and her amazing college friend Jess (who I consider my friend too!) and Jess’ sweet sister, Theresa came over. Look at those gorgeous girls!

Sisters! Terri, Jess, Katie, Me

Sisters! Terri, Jess, Katie, Me

I made turkey enchiladas for dinner. A tried and true recipe started this summer. Also, corn on the cob from M&D’s garden, and a salad with cheese, black beans, and veggies.Recipes to come. I’m really new with this techie blog stuff. Could anyone give me tips on how to just have links on my Recipes page to click on? I know how to hyperlink another website, but now sure how to do stuff on my own blog. Thanks for any suggestions!

IMG_2682Jess and Terri brought these for dessert…

IMG_2684Mmmmm right?! Most of us actually liked the lemon one the most. It was light and refreshing.

This blog has been really fun the past week or whatever it is. Thanks for my sweet fam and friends for the emails, phone calls, and comments that are so encouraging and kind! I love you guys!


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