Posted by: Lauren | August 17, 2009

some thoughts about exercise

Since getting married (I know, only what, 7 weeks ago?!) I haven’t been doing as much intense, high cardio exercising and I haven’t been nearly as hungry. I’ve been really low key with it all. Doing some nice, long walks pushing the stroller while nannying, some pushups, an occasional run. I am now trying to think about what a healthy exercise routine might look like for  me. Also, I read this article on Heather’s blog about refueling, which led me to read the TIME article she linked. Interesting thoughts, huh?

In other news, I had a great old friend over for lunch-I should’ve taken a picture. I made BBQ Chicken pizza on whole wheat crust. She brought a Caprese salad (with tomatoes and basil from her M&D’s garden!) and I made a green salad. It was so good catching up with her.

Then another amazing and beautiful friend, Kim, came over and we made Tuna Cakes, or as she calls them “Tuna Spank Cakes.” This girl is hilarious. What a blast to cook with someone else. She brought half the ingredients, I had half in the house, and then we went halvsies with the tuna cakes and she brought din din home for her and her hubby. I’ve been so spoiled to have all these fun friends to hang out with.

Kim workin' on the cakes

Kim workin' on the cakes

After she left I finished making dinner for Joe and I. Easy! Leftover Caprese Salad with some added balsamic and green beans from M&D’s garden. Green beans always seem kind of tricky for me to cook right because they are either too crunchy or waxy or soggy. These, however, were perfect. I just boiled them for like 5 minutes, drained them, put some cold water over them for a little bit, and added salt and pepper.

IMG_2670I gave Joe a hunk of this bread he loves. I also gave him one of my tuna cakes during dinner because they are so filling and yummy! I’ll post the recipe sometime and how I made the pizza.

This is what I read this morning…”Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be-you get a fresh start, your slate’s wiped clean.” Psalm 32:1. I totally take that for granted. I keep my hang ups to myself, I get anxious, I forget to come to Him and ask Him to make me clean.

One final note…Joe just came out showing me some more pipes he has saudered together for our laundry room. “Want to put this on your blog?” he asked. I totally don’t deserve this handyman husband of mine.





  1. Lauren,
    Since I started reading your blog, I have this sense of “newness” that I can’t describe. I couldn’t wait to see what you posted today!!! I realized today that it’s a spiritual feeling and the Psalm you referenced today just reinforced that! Hope your ears were burning today because I was telling your mom how refreshing you are to me! Thank you for teaching and sharing the abundance of Christ in you and reminding us to be thankful for all we have (great family, friends, and wonderful food to nourish our bodies). On a funny note, get a pic of those saudered pipes on your blog. Joe rocks!!! Those tuna cakes sound delish and how fun that you both made dinner for your families. Life is GOOD as Uncle Richard always says (even before the t-shirts made it popular). When can I come make dinner with you? Love you tons!! Sharon

  2. Joe is too cute! CD is constantly asking me if I want to take pictures of his food for my blog. How cool that we are both blessed with such amazing and supportive husbands.

    Happy to hear you’re feeling okay doing less cardio. The amount of exercising you’re doing sounds perfect to me, and it sounds like you’re enjoy the activity level as well. Isn’t it nice not to such a ravenous beast all the time? 😉

    Caprese salad, Tuna Spank Cakes, and blanched green beans all look delicious. What a beautiful and well balanced meal. Yum!

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