Posted by: Lauren | August 16, 2009

weekend recap

IMG_2637This was our special delivery on Thursday. Take a look at what’s inside….

IMG_2638An amazing album with our wedding discs and slideshow from our photographer! As well as some discs for our parents. What a  nice package, eh?

Then I sat on the porch waiting for Joe to get home from work eating this:

IMG_2639Twas frozen blueberries, plain yogurt, some banana, and lettuce! (From M&D’s garden.) Then I topped it with almond butter. Holler! And I looked at this:

IMG_2640This was given to us from our neighbors a few weeks ago! It makes me so happy, because it’s pretty, but mostly because we have such sweet neighbors. Little and big gifts from God.

So while I drank that smoothie with a spoon and not a straw, (since I haven’t had straws since I lived with M&D), I read “32 Third Graders and 1 Class Bunny.” Absolutely hilarious book written by a third grade teacher. I’m pretty sure he exaggerates and makes up a lot of it, but it’s just so funny, I mean I laugh out loud really hard. If you’re a teacher, know kids, have kids, or once was a kid, check this book out at your library. Speaking of 3rd grade teacher, most of you that read this know that I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for. It’s all good, I spent a lot of time preparing and really don’t have regrets, I just really believe that if God wanted me there right now, it would’ve happened. I know where I can speak up more about certain topics and improve in future interviews, and I’m really grateful just to have had the experience of the interview!

Saturday morning Joe had to work, while I got to watch my sweet, adorable cousins and they helped me make brownies and sub sandwiches for my double date picnic later that day…


How cute are they?! We jammed out to Taylor Swift and they could barely eat lunch they were so excited to get the letter finding out which teacher they have for this year!

IMG_2645Homemade Irish Cream Brownies. Want the recipe?!

Well Joe had to work really late, so it was looking like the picnic probably wasn’t going to work out with our friends, so we rescheduled with them to have it at the Air and Water Show in the Chi for today. After he got home, my sweet, sweet hubby willingly went to see “The Time Traveler’s Wife” with Katie and Sam (my awesome sis and bro-in-law). Katie and I really liked it. I cried quite a bit. I also choked back tears during the preview for this movie with Sandra Bullock and this African American teenager she adopts.Not sure what it’s called, just looks so sweet.

After the movie we went to Ollies! Best frozen custard place! Wish I had a picture! We were waiting in the really long line and then we see Mom and Dad pull in and drive by! This place is like 25 minutes from their house, so naturally, Katie and I run after their car with great joy! We were like little kids! “Mom and Dad are here!” They were coming from a wedding and we took their orders, and enjoyed our ice cream together  (mine was vanilla, with hot fudge and raspberries! Yum!)

Today: church this morning, so good as usual. Then we headed to our friends’ house and they drove us to the Air and Water Show. We got drenched in the rain on the beach, but we didn’t care at all! Totally refreshing. We had so much fun together, eating our lunch, and watching amazing and loud jets fly ridiculously fast, spiral, and play chicken with each other in the sky above Lake Michigan. Joe gave me his new work hat after raindrops got in my eye and stung! haha!

IMG_2652Totally hot…huh? Love this girl from college. Someday I will start a school and she will be among the many great who teach there!

On our way home Joe and I bought a front loading washing machine! Yay! What a gift! I’ve been bringing laundry to my parents since we got married. We were given a dryer and now we can do laundry at our house! It was so nice though when I would come back to M&D’s and my momma would have the laundry finished and folded! Awww…thanks Mom!

Then we got home, and somehow, Joe has so much energy and is working in the laundry room. What a stud. I however, am writing this, listening to Taylor Swift again, and drinking a Mike’s hard cranberry lemonade. Sounded yummy after a busy day.

So little recap from church. We are Jesus’ witnesses. We have a mission to live out to share His perfect and amazing love and gift of grace and forgiveness. We will face hardship for this. The church in Acts did. People all over the world continue to. It was convicting because I feel like I care a lot about what others think and don’t want to step on their toes. It’s my prayer that I would be more courageous, full of His love. Because if I love people the way I think I do, how can I hold back the most important news that Christ died for them, you, me? He washes our dirty slates clean and sets us right with God.

“Go after a life of love as if your life depended on it.” 1 Corinthians 14:1





  1. Lauren,
    You missed your mom’s Fried Green Tomatoes. They were scrumptious!!! She added cheese and just the right amount of breading and oil. Perfecto!!!!! Uncle Ri-Ri ate them and he doesn’t touch tomatoes. He has talked about them since!! Holla!!!! Tee-hee!! Tell her you want an encore and think of me when you eat them! Better yet, take a pic and post it! HA!

  2. You bought a washer, dang, now what will I use to bring you over? Perhaps fried green tomotoes. I was just talking to A. Sharon and a hummingbird came within a breath of me to dip its tiny beak into the sweet nectar of the fuscia flower. A gift from God, as is all my family. I also saw I also saw an american goldfinch, a house finch and jasper the traveling cat. Its a good day.

  3. Fried green ‘maters! I’m there! Aw hummingbirds and Jasper! I miss that cat!

  4. Don’t worry Mom, you can’t keep me away for long xoxo

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